Try diving or snorkeling some alternate sites when you are weathered-out from the main shipwreck sites, of if you would just like to see something new.  These sites are not as impressive as the main sites but are noteworthy just the same.  I will add GPS coordinates as I re-locate and document these sites.  Coordinates marked with * are transcribed from my old charts as accurately as possible but may be off by a few hundred feet.  If you know of other sites that you would be willing to share email me at

Site Location Depth GPS Coordinates
America Pilot House Roof In a small inlet on SE side of Washington Harbor 6 feet N 47o 53.53' *
W 89o 12.22'
Cumberland Bow Off rocks on SE side of Grace Harbor 8 feet N 47o 51.89 *
W 89o 13.50
Cumberland Rudder Rumored to be off Cumberland Pt (See Note Below) Unknown Unknown
Small Plane Rock Harbor in the channel near Mott Island Approx 60 ft N 48o 06.44' * 
W 88o 33.18
Fish Tug Hull Star Island (On topographic chart) Approx 10 ft N 48o 07.23' * 
W 88o 31.11
Fish Tug of Five Finger Bay Five Finger Bay (See Shipwrecks of Isle Royale Page) 10' to 17' feet N 48o 09.325 
W 88o 31.303
Double-Ender Little Boat Bay -- Passage Island (See Note Below) Approx 15 ft Not known
Dunelm Anchors Canoe Rocks NE of Emperor 60 feet N 48o 12.05 *
W 88o 29.36

On the Cumberland Rudder: This information came from Stanley Sivertson, who owned and operated the Isle Royale Transportation Company, years ago.  We are currently interested in finding the rudder for an archeological study.  If you know any information about it, or the approximate location please email me at

On Diving in Little Boat Bay of Passage Is: This site had been closed to divers in past years.  Check with the Park Service before diving it.

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