Getting to the Boat

The entrance to the casino and marina by Highway 61was changed in 2005 when they built the new gas station convenience store.  The easiest route to the marina and the boat is to turn right at the Grand Portage Lodge and Casino sign, which is now at the turn-off for the new giant gas station convenience store.  Drive past the gas station to the stop and turn left then right at the first turn.  There is a small marina sign at the turn.  Follow the road past the new campgrounds toward the marina parking lot and the washroom building.  Turn left just before the washrooms and go through the camping area and around to the point that forms the channel into the marina.  My boat is the right next to the channel.  It is a wooden boat called "Heyboy".  It is white with blue top and an aluminum dive platform on the stern.  It will be docked stern toward you to facilitate loading.

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