CSS Alabama 2005 Project Photo Album

lightsled3top.jpg (53097 bytes)
Initial Concept model of the light frame for the photo mosaic
LightFrameFull.jpg (52908 bytes)
Final built version in the U.S.  We will assemble another frame to use in Cherbourg
FrameIndicators.jpg (37748 bytes)
Levels and depth above bottom indicators mounted on video camera
KenTestingFrame.jpg (48570 bytes)
Me testing light sled and camera at Square Lake, MN the week before departure.
SqLakeTesting.jpg (57351 bytes)
Light sled underwater during testing at Square Lake, MN
Best-Spirit-over-Cradle.jpg (59462 bytes)
Meanwhile in North Carolina, Gordon and crew ready the Spirit of Mobile for the Atlantic crossing.
Ok-Spitit-on-Cradle.jpg (61418 bytes)
The boat is loaded on a cradle.
Loading-Spirit.jpg (83342 bytes)
And ready to be trucked to Charleston.
GordonRSYC.jpg (55148 bytes)
Gordon looking out his window at the Royal Southern Yacht Club.
Stonehenge.jpg (42110 bytes)
The tour of Stonehenge was pretty awesome.
SalisburyCathedralSpire.jpg (39232 bytes)
The Salisbury Cathedral 400' tall Spire.  It was built in 40 years in the 13th century.
SalisburyCathedralInside.jpg (56749 bytes)
Gothic Architecture inside the Salisbury Cathedral.
Enigma.jpg (32169 bytes)
In the Hamble Yacht Service yard were several world class around the world sailing racers.
SpiritHamble.jpg (32308 bytes)
Spirit of Mobile after launch at Hamble Yacht Service in Hamble, England.
GordonHelmSpirit.jpg (51925 bytes)
On the long English Channel crossing we had plenty of time for taking photos.
KenHelmSpirit.jpg (58038 bytes)
Taking turns at the helm helped pass the time.
LittlePocket.jpg (17048 bytes)
French Dive Boat Little Pocket on its way to the CSS Alabama site.
JacqueZodiac.jpg (29650 bytes)
Jacque Flambard in the Zodiac used to tend the French divers.
JoeInstructions.jpg (17135 bytes)
Joe, the French dive team leader talks over the dive plan with the French team.
FrenchDivers.jpg (23573 bytes)
The French divers Serge and Gel ready for their plunge.
CiteDeMar.jpg (31885 bytes)
One of the canons from the CSS Alabama is on display at La Cite De La Mer.
CSSAlabamaGroup.jpg (39468 bytes)
The CSS Alabama Group, L. to R. Ken Merryman, Curtis Deyo, Mike Lavender, Rick, Billy Ray Morris, Gordon Watts.
BoatWork.jpg (40886 bytes)
Mike, Rick, and Curtis work on the boat transom.
JacqueRadio.jpg (35552 bytes)
Jacque talks to Captain Searge on the Little Pocket on radio.
LittlePocketAft.jpg (23782 bytes)
Safety diver Mathias watches on Little Pocket Stern.
BlockArtifact.jpg (37569 bytes)
While surveying the area near the aft pivot canon divers recover a block that was probably used to move the canon
WhiteBoard.jpg (25253 bytes)
The white board map of the wreck site.  The locations of all recovered artifacts are recorded on the site plan.
ContainerArrives.jpg (26960 bytes)
At last after a month at bouncing around Europe the container arrive.
UnloadingContainer.jpg (47542 bytes)
The container was unloaded in an hour and went through customs in the afternoon.
MovingCntEquip.jpg (43291 bytes)
The priority was to unbox the equipment needed to make the mooring and set up the dredges for the canon recovery.
CurtRickVan.jpg (33648 bytes)
Rick and Curt load the van.  Everyone was glad to get the rest of their clothing after two to three weeks.
GasRacks.jpg (48958 bytes)
Also at Cherbourg Maritime was six racks of mixed gas--enough for twenty dives for four divers.
KEMMooring.jpg (45507 bytes)
Now we assembled the air hose on to the mooring line.  I actually got into a photo.
Michelle.jpg (40188 bytes)
Michelle explains the plan for setting the mooring.  The French CNP divers will set the mooring.
CNPMeeting.jpg (39553 bytes)
The divers discuss the plan and make suggestions.  Conditions are not the best so the job will not be easy.
GordDeckMooring.jpg (39352 bytes)
It's a rough day out and Gordon and Mike secure the mooring to the deck.
IRCompressor.jpg (53212 bytes)
After the mooring we hope to try some dredging.  The air dredges are powered by the IR Compressor.
RickSeargeCrane.jpg (33482 bytes)
Rick and Serge operate the crane to lift the compressor off the trailer and lower it onto the boat deck.
LowerCompressorBoat.jpg (51869 bytes)
Loading the compressor at low tide make for a long drop down the boat.
CompressorOnDeck.jpg (46341 bytes)
The 800 pound compressor is carefully positioned and secured to the deck.
DredgeHose.jpg (45607 bytes)
The dredges with their large exhaust hoses are stored on the fly bridge.