Lake Michigan
West Shore Shipwrecks
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Type of Vessel

Location/Departure Point



Walter B. Allen Schooner NE of Sheboygan 165' 43o 49.821' N
87o 36.522' W
America       44o 21.048' N
87o 26.850' W
Carl Bradley Steel Freighter Mid lake out of Manistique 300' to 380' 45o 39.03' N
86o 03.96' W
(Staher Video)
Floretta Schooner SE of Manitowoc about 7 miles 180' 43o 57.240' N
87o 32.203' W
Gallinipper Small Schooner Out of Manitowoc 210'  
Home Small Schooner SE of Manitowoc about 7 miles 165' 43o 56.932' N
87o 33.211' W
Lakeland Steel Packet full of cars 6 mi out of Sturgeon Bay 200' 44o 47.539' N
87o 11.522' W
(or km)
44o 47.561' N
87o 11.533' W
Rouse Simmons Schooner Two Rivers or seven miles farther from Manitowoc. Two Rivers Sea Gull Marina has camping and a single lane launch. 165'

44o 16.640' N
87o 24.863' W
44o 16.659' N
87o 24.857' W

Roscinco Pleasure Yacht Kenosha 185'

42o 37.30' N
87o 37.74' W
(WI Website)
42o 37.40' N
87o 43.42' W

Silver Lake Scow Schooner Manitowoc 210' 43o 48.371' N
87o 34.664' W
Hetty Taylor Schooner Five miles southeast of Sheboygan 105' 43o 40.890' N
87o 39.290' W
Vernon Wooden Propeller About 7 miles NE of Two Rivers or seven miles farther from Manitowoc. (Manitowoc has a better launch with three lanes but no camping.) 165' to 195'

44o 12.091' N
87o 24.767' W 
44o 12.125' N
87o 24.738' W 

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