The Five Finger Bay Fish Tug Site

Depth Range: 15' feet

Of the several “alternative dive sites” at Isle Royale the best one is the fish tug in Five Finger Bay.  Although it is not a prime dive site, it is a fun dive when you are weathered off the main shipwrecks.  It lies about three-quarters of the way to the end of the bay roughly centered in the narrow dimension of the bay.  The depth is 15 foot of water, which makes it barely visible from the surface.  Water visibility in the bay is rarely better than 15 foot and drops once a few divers start swimming around the wreck.  We also sometimes snorkel or dive it during our surface interval between dives.  No one seems to know the history behind the tug.  It was discovered in the 1970’s and promptly raped of all of its nautical hardware by the first set of divers on it.  It is a 40 foot typical Lake Superior fish tug similar in construction to the Awaneesha pictured in the “Scenes from Isle Royale” pages of this website.  The cabins are still intact and the engine is still in it.  You may find a pipe wrench and a set of oilers lying on the wreck.  Divers have been picking-up these artifacts, studying them and putting them back for years.  Please do the same.

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