CSS Alabama 2002 Project Photo Album

CSSAUnloading.jpg (47190 bytes)
Unloading Cargo Container
Crate4Cannon.jpg (88740 bytes)
Crate for transporting Cannon
CSSAGridAsmbly.jpg (42379 bytes)
Assembling the excavation frame
Markcoilingmooring.jpg (74045 bytes)
Mark Coiling Mooring Line & Hose
CSSADredge.jpg (44745 bytes)
Jason Assembling Dredge & Hose
alabamabell.jpg (21993 bytes)
CSS Alabama Ships Bell
winetastingparty1.jpg (84519 bytes)
Alabama Group Wine Tasting Party
CathedralInNapoleonSq.jpg (35842 bytes)
Cathedral in Napoleon Square - Normandy flag atop
DDaycamp.jpg (49669 bytes)
WWII Re-inactment Camp
PtDeHocMemorial.jpg (54063 bytes)
Point De Hoc Memorial
PtDeHoc.jpg (46859 bytes)
Pt De Hoc German Fortifications
ptdehocshore.jpg (59506 bytes)
Pt De Hoc Beach
ptdehoctour.jpg (86057 bytes)
Pt De Hoc Tour with Billy Ray
OmahaBeach.jpg (62711 bytes)
Omaha Beach
29thInfantryMemorial.jpg (85626 bytes)
29th Infantry Memorial
OldMonastery.jpg (91902 bytes)
Old Monastery
Historicblg.jpg (46182 bytes)
Just another historic building
MtSanMichel.jpg (33142 bytes)
Mont San Michel (Saint Michael's Monastery)
RaphealSimsGGS.jpg (25548 bytes)
Great and Great-Great Grandson of Raphael Simms
PortsmouthHarbor.jpg (63311 bytes)
Portsmouth Harbor
HMSVictory.jpg (99160 bytes)
HMS Victory
Warrior.jpg (79361 bytes)
HMS Warrior
WarriorBit.jpg (122107 bytes)
Warrior Rigging Hoist
FiferailArtifact.jpg (41506 bytes)
CSS Alabama Rigging Hoist (in Stabilization)
WarriorFiferail.jpg (135045 bytes)
Warrior Fife Rail
StMaryIgles.jpg (26641 bytes)
St Mary Iglese - with Paratrooper on roof